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Picture of the Cranio-Sacral System

What Is Cranio-sacral Advanced Massage Therapy?

Cranio-Sacral therapy is an advanced treatment option, provided by some of our RMT's. The cranio-sacral system connects the bones of the head (cranium) to the spine, down to the tailbone (sacrum), and contains your nerves. Cranio-sacral therapy focus on maintaining the balance along this path, optimizing nerve function and mobility.


This treatment option integrates advanced massage therapy skills (trigger point work, fascial stretching, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and more) as needed, accompanied by work on the cranial sacral system.

These sessions are designed to help those struggling with chronic injuries looking for an alternative approach to rehabilitation. Treatment will be conducted over the clothes, so wearing something comfortable and easy to move it is ideal. 

Important note for new clients!

When booking your first appointment, remember to book a few follow up appointments to avoid long waits between visits. We can always cancel or reschedule unnecessary appointments, but if needed, this ensures you will have the opportunity to receive the care you need.

Is your back pain stemming from a muscle imbalance? Is an old concussion changing your ability to move your head, creating the pain in your arm? Or the way you're breathing creating recurring neck pain?

Our bodies are connected in ways many of us have no reason to be aware of - and that's okay,

because that's our job. We offer assessment and treatment specifically looking for these compensation patterns, helping you get out of pain.

An appointment with one of our RMT's who offer Cranial Sacral/Advanced Massage appointment will include assessment, treatment, and home care recommendations all in your first visit. All treatments are performed over your clothing, and will be targeted towards the areas of your body which are most affected. 

Picture of all Muscles in the body
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