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Model of human organs and muscles.

What Is Osteopathy?

Since 1892, Osteopathy has spread across the globe, taking on a dedicated following since the first college was founded in Canada in 1984. Osteopathy is a system of treatment that is based on understanding the relationship between structure and function in order to enhance the body’s inherent ability to heal. It relies on skilled manual therapeutic techniques to assess and treat the client, guiding the natural self-healing properties of the human body.

This natural, safe, and effective discipline is available to all ages - from infants with colic, nursing troubles, and struggles learning to crawl or walk, to adults with sports injuries, and chronic dysfunctions and pain. Osteopathy treats every level of who we are, with an eye towards how various areas of our body are connected and compensate for one another. 

Important note for new clients!

When booking your first osteopathic appointment, remember to book a few follow up appointments to avoid long waits between visits, as our schedule can be quite full. We can always cancel or reschedule unnecessary appointments. This ensures you will have the opportunity to receive the care you need.

Is your back pain stemming from a muscle imbalance? Joint dysfunction that never seems to go away? Is all of this because connective tissue adhesions within your abdomen are restricting the movement of your low back?

Our bodies are connected in ways many of us have no reason to be aware of - and that's okay,

because that's your osteo's job! We offer assessment and treatment of every body system in each appointment, so we can get you back to health ASAP.

An appointment with one of our Osteopathic Manual Practitioners will include assessment, treatment, and home care recommendations all in your first visit. We want to help you break through cycles of pain and dysfunction - starting today. All treatments are performed over your clothing, and will be targeted towards the areas of your body which are most affected. All of our treatments are manual - meaning we work with our hands to affect positive change in your body.

Picture of all the muscles in the body

Our Manual Osteopathic team is highly qualified - all of our practitioners have obtained the highest educations available in Canada - 5 years in class study plus completion of a thesis, not to mention numerous years and certifications training in health care and injury rehabilitation prior to beginning their studies. We have dedicated years of our life to understanding human function and anatomy inside and out, because that's the level of understanding that osteopathy has been based on for over 120 years.

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